May 2018 | 28th FKTG Convention in Nuremberg

The 28th convention of the Television and Cinematographic Society (FKTG) will take place from 4 to 6 June 2018 in Nuremberg and this year’s motto is “Media 4.0 – Are we there yet?”

After the first step in digitization in recent years, the media world has once again rapidly changed and developed: IT is involved all the way from acquisition and production to consumption through to the end customer, and new global players, development centers and business models are establishing themselves. The usual unique selling proposition of being able to create and distribute high-quality audiovisual content is no longer a general privilege of television and cinema – in an increasing number of applications, only a mobile device and an application “somewhere in the cloud” are needed.

Nevertheless, existing visions have not always become reality and even in a changed environment, the development will not stop. The challenges to technology are not reduced, but shift to more and more complex and interacting areas.

Magnus Niemann, Software Architect at Condat, will give a talk on June 6 entitled “More Content – Matching and Enrichment of Media Data” and will be available for discussion afterwards.