January 2017 | GVL employs Semantic Data Cleansing

Working with unstructured data can cost a lot of time and money – the German rights agency GVL knows that from its own experience. It is regularly confronted with the challenge of matching product information in usage reports from various sources and formats with its central artist and title database. For a long time, this task was only to be carried out with a great deal of manpower and manual testing – until GVL hired the semantic experts from Berlin-based Condat, who analyzed the problem and developed a solution for automated data cleansing.

In the successfully completed consulting and cleanup project, eleven million data sets of the GVL were semantically analyzed with the Condat Smart Media Engine, and over eight million of these were automatically corrected by the tool. In a follow-up project it will be the task of the Condat consultants to develop a solution for the remaining, to a large extent qualitatively very difficult data sets.