Collaboration Portals

IT solutions for associations and interest groups.

The increasing digitalization of our society has changed the work of associations fundamentally. Members expect rapid and comprehensive information via the channel of their choice – and this channel is increasingly named Facebook, Twitter or chat. At the same time there is a great need to catch up with the optimization of internal processes and administrative tasks.

Based on our association portal platform we create customized and integrated systems for knowledge management, cooperation and networking and communication both internally and externally. You receive single source support from strategy development through design and implementation to operation.

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Many organizations have a wealth of experience and knowledge to be conveyed to members and the general public. A major challenge is to obtain relevant information from the plenty of available data and to make it available through different channels. A core function of associations is that of a “knowledge broker”. They bundle and convey information and represent the interests of their members.

The intelligent modules of the Condat Association Portal will help you to systematically and sustainably address the challenges in knowledge transfer and advocacy.

An association depends on interaction with and among members as well as with contacts from politics, the press and the public. A major challenge is to move people from the non-binding nature of the occasional visit to participating users. The presence in social networks like Facebook and Twitter plays just as important a role as enabling interaction on your website.

With the Condat Association Portal you can offer your target groups contemporary forms of digital communication and collaboration with noticeable profit and position yourself as a modern service provider.

An IT-based modernization always takes place in the context of a grown infrastructure and work culture. Not infrequently a situation has arisen, in which the whole is less than the sum of its parts:

  • Information is available in many different sources, inconsistent or out of date and difficult to research
  • Work processes and IT tools do not mesh well
  • Applications coexist and can not be combined meaningfully
  • Mobile applications for smartphones and tablets only feature a fraction of the available functionality
  • The internal and external communication does not follow a uniform visual design