Cross Media Planning

Strategies and tools for integrated program planning.

In a media company, convergence needs to be taken into account long before playing out content into channels. Already when planning, the specifics of various output paths must be taken into account.

The changing behaviour of viewers and readers regarding how and when they consume media is the greatest challenge for broadcasters and publishers since the turn of the millennium. Only a new set of integrating IT systems will enable them to truly take advantage of todays media convergence trends. Condat advises, develops strategies and builds applications that helps media companies with convergent planning and playout.


Program planning is an important part of a broadcasters business processes, ranging from long-term, strategic planning to detailed playout scheduling. With Condat Orbit, we have created a solution that supports a broadcasters long- and short-term planning. Condat Orbit features an intuitive user interface, a scalable architecture and can be easily connected to a variety of upstream and downstream systems such as playout centers and broadcast archives. Also the playout into nonlinear channels such as video on demand sites and portals can be controlled with Condat Orbit.

The efficient provision of nonlinear content involves challenges that do not belong to the traditional core processes of a broadcaster. In particular, broadcasters are used to work with program and broadcast planning systems designed for the linear playout into tv channels. Additional online offerings are mostly managed and updated in independent content management systems (CMS). This separation often leads to double accounting of accompanying (meta) data and a low level of automation in nonlinear deployment. We can help you with the development of a flexible integrated planning system for linear and nonlinear playout.