Environmental Monitoring

Innovative IT solutions for capturing, processing and reporting of environmental data

The compliance with environmental standards is monitored and documented increasingly seamless within Europe. In addition to tightened legislation NGO’s demand to protect the public from harmful environmental influence in the best possible way.

With our environmental monitoring solutions public authorities and organizations meet their extensive information and verification obligations. Our solutions are based on well-proven modules that we combine to powerful monitoring solutions and integrate them into existing IT systems.

Condat solutions for environmental monitoring are mainly based on open source applications, integrate existing products and focus in particular on:

  • Data acquisition and rule verification
  • Data selection
  • Data preparation and quality check
  • Statistics and visualization (graphs and cartographic representation)
  • Workflows and notifications in connection with operating modes and alert levels

Our monitoring framework QUADRO is the basis for distributing administrative data across the Internet. It allows users to search, visualize and re-use data from public authorities and organizations.

With QUADRO, any database can be made available to the public. QUADRO allows for the design of flexible and understandable database requests and enhances them with metadata and interpretation notes.


  • Configurable selection and search module
  • Statistics module for extensive data evaluation
  • Reporting module to create graphs and tables
  • GIS module for visualization on digital maps
  • Mobile applications and dashboards