Smart Media

Intelligent IT solutions for a convergent media world.

The digitalization of content allows broadcasters to easily access contributions or broadcasts in archives or from external sources. However, this is not enough to build up a complete digital process chain. Metadata is the key to success.

Content is “smart” when it carries information about rights, content, formats, people, moods or themes. To achieve this, an intelligent analysis is necessary. The Semantic Fingerprinting Technology invented by Condat integrates the infinite Internet knowledge into your data analysis. The output are metadata that contain diverse aspects of a content item and can be used for better and faster searching.


Metadata are created in production equipment, through manual maintenance or by automated fingerprinting. Only a comprehensive metadata management allows for an integrated, digital content processing and facilitates significant efficiency gains.

In our broadcasting solutions, metadata are collected in a standardized format and distributed to different recipients such as editors of teletext & EPG, program magazines, apps, media libraries and websites. This enables broadcasters to address specific audiences better across various distribution channels.


When content has been enriched by intelligent metadata, it can be searched for keywords. Semantic links enhance the meaning of metadata. The Semantic Fingerprint is the search scheme and with Linked-Open-Data sources like DBpedia or the Uni Leipzig Dictionary can be included.

With the Smart Media Engine, we are enhancing editorial and newsroom systems with innovative features for semantic search and recommendations and support researching editors with index pages and context links.